Rolex Daytona Panda 116500LN

Known as the timepiece of champions, the Rolex Daytona Panda is one of the most expensive stainless steel watches on the market due to its rarity and limited production numbers. The watch will likely continue to increase in value with time, so you better get your hands on one before they are all snatched up on David & Sons Timepieces. 

Why the Rolex Daytona Panda Is the GOAT

Here are just some reasons why this quality timepiece has stood the test of time and is considered one of the best watches in the brand’s arsenal:

It’s Steeped in History

Rolex first introduced the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watch for race car drivers who needed precise ways to keep time on the track during races. But actor Paul Newman put the watch on the map when he wore it to the 1986 Oscars and won an Academy Award for this role in the movie The Colour of Money. It's why the watch in its vintage form is often called the Paul Newman Watch and has become a status symbol.

It’s Comfortable to Wear

The Rolex Daytona is one of the thinnest, self-winding chronograph watches in production today. It is just 12 mm thick and is thinner than most Rolexes that divers wear. The slim profile reduces wobble significantly, prevents the timepiece from snagging in sleeves and collars, and enhances the wearer's elegance.

Additionally, the 11650LN boasts an Oyster bracelet with links that are just wide and thick enough to support the head without pinching the wearer. Even the lugs underneath are free from sharp edges.

Highly Legible

The Rolex Daytona 1165000LN “Panda” dial version is highly desirable. Boasting a white background with black text and black subdial, it is a fitting contrast to the 18k white gold reflective hands. Many Rolex watches have these gold hands, even those made of steel. On the version with the black dial, you will marvel at the black and white filling, which blends in well with the shiny black dial and dial furniture.

The watch instantly makes the wearer confident with its look, feel, and prestige every Rolex watch offers. The dial does not divert attention from the pristine hands and hour markers; the luminated hands are also instantly noticeable under any lighting condition.

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