Born in San Diego, Natan Elghanian moved to Dallas to obtain a degree in Business at SMU. While in college, Natan also obtained a diamontologist degree from GIA (Gemology Institute of America) at their headquarter location in Carlsbad. Upon graduating college, Natan joined his family in the Jewelry and Real Estate Business. Natan’s primary goal upon joining his family’s jewelry company, David and Sons Fine Jewelers, was to streamline both their retail & wholesale operations through creating advanced inventory management systems and expanding their retail division via e-commerce. It was during these years, Natan began to recognize how underserved watch collectors were, and how inefficient purchasing a desired timepiece could be. Coming from a family of watch collectors and enthusiasts, Natan knew he could make the process more refined and enjoyable. 

Upon completing his initial projects for jewelry, Natan decided to expand their wholesale and retail watch department with the intent to provide collectors with unparalleled customer experience. Natan’s goal isn’t only to build a collection of notable asset grade timepieces for his clients - rather, it is to also establish an exclusive community of watch enthusiasts to share, discuss, and learn more about their passion. From a young age, Natan was always fascinated by timepieces, their collectibility, and movements - constantly buying and selling watches to support his own obsession with collecting. Talking Timepieces allows like minded individuals to obtain knowledge on a notable timepiece in current inventory discussed through articles written by Natan himself. 

In his free time, Natan enjoys traveling to different cities and countries to obtain rare and desirable timepieces.