Rolex Platinum Day-date 228206

The now discontinued Rolex 228206 Platinum Day-Date is stunning with its smooth bezel, ice blue dial combination. While the 228236 replacement for the 228206 is fairly similar, it features a fluted bezel instead of the iconic smooth platinum bezel. It was an interesting exchange on Rolex’s behalf, considering the fluted bezel was typically used to represent their gold models - which allowed individuals to quickly aesthetically differentiate a white gold Day-Date from a Platinum variation. However, the “presidential” bracelet, perhaps the most iconic portion of the watch, remains visually the same. The only difference being ceramic inserts within the screw casing to avoid metal to metal contact. Inside the 228206 is the in-house 3255 caliber movement - depicting the time, date, and day at any given time. The movement allows for a 70 hour power reserve, which is one of the most advanced and accurate movements Rolex has ever created. The Rolex Day-Date comes in white gold, platinum, rose gold, and yellow gold iterations, with the most expensive obviously being platinum. However, to someone who lacks Rolex knowledge, a white gold or platinum Day-Date may appear to be just a simple stainless steel Rolex - which I find very appealing. As such, pieces like the white gold and platinum Day-Date are commonly referred to as “stealth wealth” timepieces, considering they are usually purchased by individuals who desire a precious metal watch - while remaining “under the radar”. 



The Platinum Rolex 228206 Day-Date that we currently have for sale in inventory is a pre-owned 2018 smooth bezel ice blue roman dial iteration - and includes all original warranty documentation and boxes. If one was able to acquire the now discontinued 228206 at retail from an Authorized Dealer, they would have paid a retail price of about $58,750 before tax (roughly). Depending on what state/country the timepiece was originally purchased in, that would bring the price relatively close to what they are now selling for on the secondary market. As such, the Platinum Rolex 228206 Day-Date is a great watch for someone who desires a low-key heavy metal timepiece that is no longer in production. While many of the 228206 dial iterations continued onto the 228236 production line, this exact ice blue roman dial was not - adding even more to the rarity factor of the timepiece. It is likely that in the coming years, this iteration of the Platinum Rolex 228206 will continue to increase in price - as supply is now capped and demand for the watch continues to increase.