Rolex Submariner “Smurf” 116619LB

The Rolex Submariner was introduced in the 1950s beginning with its heritage black bezel black dial combination. For years the Submariner was created in many variations of metals, golds, and colors - the bluesy, the kermit, etc. However, it was not until 2008, the 100 year anniversary of Rolex, that they decided to create an entirely white gold blue dial, blue bezel 40mm Submariner. Given its striking hue of blue, it adopted the nickname the “Smurf”. Rolex manufacturers and refines their gold in house, creating gold saturations different from other brands. In this case, the white gold is depicted as more of a gray - allowing watch enthusiasts to recognize it over stainless steel. With that being said, to the majority of society, the “Smurf” looks like any other stainless steel Submariner - which creates a cloak of stealth. That, perhaps, is my favorite aspect of the timepiece, and other white gold timepieces alike. Opposed to other precious metal timepieces, yellow and rose gold, only a select few know you’re wearing a heavy hitter.

This iteration of the “Smurf” took a 12.5 year run, as its production was discontinued by Rolex early 2021. It was replaced by the new 126619LB “Cookie Monster”, with a blue bezel - but, black dial. Don’t get me wrong, it is a sleek timepiece - but, it is not the “Smurf”, and the market reflects that. Since being discontinued, the “Smurf” has climbed in price rightfully so. With unquestionable desirability throughout its 12.5 year production, and now being discontinued - supply has obviously halted. As such, the “Smurf” is an exceptional timepiece for those looking to stay under “under the radar” while maintaining value. Typically, the closer the watch is dated towards its final production day - the more value the watch has. This is especially true for those discontinued pieces that include original Rolex warranty paperwork.

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