Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15500OR

The Audemars Piguet 15500OR was introduced in 2019 after the discontinuation of its predecessor - the 15400OR. While at a quick glimpse, the two look nearly identical. Upon further examination, they are, however, greatly different. Their dimensions are similar - they both rock a 41mm case size, with the exception of the 15500OR being 0.6mm thicker. Dial wise, the 15000OR has more of a clean modern presence - “automatic” was removed from the dial, the dial wheel is further from the center, and the hour markers are more distinctive. The true difference, however, is what’s “under the hood”. The 15500OR sports the new, in-house, AP caliber 4302 movement. This is a much more refined and dependable movement from the 15400OR - which housed a 3120 caliber movement. The greatest differences are: a 10 hour longer power reserve, it beats at 1 HZ quicker, and it is made totally in house.

Model: 15500OR

The 15500OR comes in two variations: with a matching 18k pink gold bracelet or a black leather strap. I personally prefer the latter, which dresses the watch up a bit. However, if you’re in between bracelet options, I recommend purchasing the leather strap variation - and, if you ever want to spice it up, purchase the 18k pink gold bracelet (which can be easily added). As mentioned, the 15500OR is a 18k pink (rose) gold, which is my favorite hue of rose gold opposed to any of its competitors. It is subtle, but noticeable - but, still not in your face (does that make sense?). While the timepiece is still in production, it is highly desirable. To those who are debating purchasing the watch, I recommend doing it before it gets discontinued. Finding future value in a coveted discontinued timepiece is relatively easy- and, as such, you will have to pay a premium for that ease. The ideal situation is recognizing value in hindsight, paying current market pricing while it's still in production and waiting for AP to halt production. That way you’re able to invest at a lower price than those who pick it up after its discontinuation spike. Those looking for a dressy, but still relatively sporty watch, with a precious metal case (and possibly bracelet) - this is a safe bet.