In 1980, over 40 years ago, the Elghanian family began to create what is now recognized as the highest rated jewelry businesses in the United States - David and Sons Fine Jewelers. With over 1,400 five star reviews across Yelp and Google combined, David and Sons Fine Jewelers continue to build everlasting relationships with their loyal customers. Being both a wholesale and retail jewelry company, David & Sons are able to offer their retail clientele unbeatable wholesale prices on diamonds, colored stones, and fine jewelry – considering there is no middleman. The Elghanians have built an extensive team embedded with the same persistence and work ethic that runs through their blood. By doing so, they have ensured that the David and Sons Fine Jewelers name will always live up to its reputation.

Now, the same holds true for David and Sons Timepieces. As an extension of David and Sons Fine Jewelers, David and Sons Timepieces is able to offer our retail customers wholesale pricing, as we exist primarily as a timepiece wholesaler - so, similarly, there is no middleman.  Our focus is on both modern and vintage watches - with a fixation on limited production, discontinued, and seemingly unattainable models. Our primary goal in this endeavor, however, is to provide the same remarkable customer care for our watch clients as we have for our jewelry customers for over 40 years. Our goal isn’t only to build a collection of notable asset grade timepieces - rather, it is to establish an exclusive community of watch enthusiasts to share, discuss, and learn more about their passion. Whether you are a potential wholesale customer looking to obtain pieces in high volume, or a retail client looking for one specific watch - you will be met with superior expert service alike, with the hope of making you a client for life.