Patek Philippe 5726/1a Tiffany and Co Collaboration

The Patek Philippe and Tiffany and Co collaboration has existed for 170 years, and still exists to this day. The two companies were founded nearly 4,000 miles away from one another, as Patek was founded in Geneva in 1839 and Tiffany in New York in 1837. Around 12 years later, Patek made Tiffany their first official U.S. retail timepiece partner. And, by 1876, the two prominent companies signed a deal making Tiffany their main timepiece representative in the U.S. Most Patek and Tiffany collaboration timepieces could only be sold at Tiffany boutiques, giving Tiffany control over who would be allowed to purchase these limited production timepieces - with their famous Tiffany & Co stamp on the dial. While Tiffany has also previously partnered with other renowned watch companies, such as Rolex, they currently only work with Patek on collaborated timepieces. To gauge the difficulty of obtaining a Tiffany and Co stamped Patek, at retail from a boutique, think about how difficult it is to acquire a non collaboration Patek. Now multiply that difficulty by an extensive amount. Not only are Patek and Tiffany stamped models incredibly limited and difficult to purchase, they are also highly sought after - allowing many of their collaborated pieces to drastically increase in value over time. For example, in their most recent anniversary collaboration,  Patek and Tiffany released 170 5711 Tiffany blue dial nautilus’s with a Tiffany stamp on the dial. Retail on this timepiece, from a Tiffany boutique, was around $52,000. The first one recently sold in auction on the secondary market for $6,500,000. Yes, $6,500,000.

The piece I am specifically writing this article about is the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5726/1A white dial with an annual calendar and moonphase complication. This model, even without the Tiffany and Co stamp, is highly desired and very limited in supply - especially since the discontinuation of the white dial by Patek. Now, add a Tiffany and Co stamp to the Dial and warranty paperwork, and rare turns into nearly unobtainable. This is the perfect timepiece for someone who understands and appreciates not only Patek Philippe, but Tiffany and Co as well. Even if one does have an incredible relationship with Patek and/or Tiffany, this piece is no longer obtainable at retail - as Patek has discontinued the white dial 5726/1A. This timepiece is truly a collectors dream watch, especially with full warranty paperwork from both Patek and Tiffany. 

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