Sell or Trade Your Luxury Watch

Some owners prefer never to part from their luxury collectible watches. Some people are infamous serial flippers. It's almost inevitable to occasionally sell or trade items while engaging in such an expensive pastime; however, it can be somewhat daunting at first. 

Following are a few suggestions to help you sell or trade your luxury watch.

Why Should You Sell Your Luxury Watches Through a Dealer?

Selling to a dealer is the quickest method to liquidate your asset for some cash, and especially when you are short on time, selling to a dealer seems like a better option. Although the price you might have to agree to might be lesser than selling it directly to a collector, it is a safer option.

When selling expensive timepieces, it can be perilous to meet prospective buyers in person.

Last but not least, going the dealer's way can be stressful and hassle-free. Once a dealer purchases your watch, it is rare that they will complain to you. Any hidden problems will often be accepted by the store and fixed. The watch will likely be polished, if necessary; thus, issues like obvious scratches and wear and tear are also considerably less of a barrier for a dealer. Finding a buyer who will accept a timepiece in such bad shape might be challenging. Therefore, you might need to work on it initially. Then there are efforts that need time and effort, such as advertising and photography.

Why Should You Trade Your Pre-Worn Watches with a Dealer?

If you are not in need of any cash and are just bored of your luxury watch, trading it can be an excellent option. 

Trades amongst collectors can increase speed and connectivity, but they also carry a greater risk and limit the collector's options. Contrarily, working with a specialized dealer of discontinued watches and pre-owned luxury watches can be a useful option as compared to private trades.

A dealer with years of excellent reviews and long-term reliance on its brand image has a minimal probability of defrauding you. Another benefit of exchanging timepieces with used watch dealers is versatility. Finding a great trade among collectors with a collective total of ten watches is harder than finding a match inside a dealership's collection of over 1000 watches.

Best Timepieces Dealer in San Diego

If you want to trade in a high-end watch or sell your pre-owned luxury watch and are unsure where to turn, David and Sons Timepieces is your best option, especially if you are a resident of San Diego. 

We purchase luxury watches from several reputable brands and provide you with a quick and easy solution to trade your luxury watch. Just fill out our easy form and attach images of your original, vintage, luxury, collectible watch, and within 2 business days, you will receive a quote from us. 

Below are the three most valuable luxury watches worth your investment and the brands that particularly interest us:


The most famous luxury watch brand is a sure status symbol for owners. Rolex is such a recognizable brand and is closely linked to success and money; hence the cost of its watches tends to keep steady over time. Because of that, Rolex's repute is reinforced over and over again.

Patek Philippe

Only around 45,000 of these renowned marvels are produced annually, and even that accounts for a small percentage of their fame. Each one of these timepieces is painstakingly built by hand and produced by a business that holds a minimum of 70 copyrights for its unique components. 

Audemars Piguet

This is a prestigious Swiss watch brand, similar to Rolex, that is renowned for its excellent quality timepieces. All of these watches maintain their worth quite well over time and are wonderful heirlooms to appreciate for your entire life and then pass on to your descendants.